An Intimate Concert


Coming out of a recording session on a freezing day in December I received a call from a number from Idaho. The excited voice of the woman on the other end told me she had finally tracked me down after hearing my first CD Guitar of My Soul at a friend’s home two weeks ago. She wanted to buy several copies but found they were not available on-line. She asked if she could buy the CD from me… Read More

Sophisticated & Elegant

I was contacted by a restaurant manager who had been referred to me by a contact at the St. Regis Hotel. Gérard had impeccable taste, style and professionalism. He told me “I need music that is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant for our dining room. I want to do something special that is going to make people want to come here and distinguish us from other places”. On Sunday brunch… Read More

Inspiring Students

Tomás Rodríguez Solo Guitar

The family of one of my young students referred one of their neighbors to me. Jana was a mother with two young children. Shortly before she had her first child, she had enjoyed taking a beginning guitar group class. She had a lot of fun with the class but with the demands of a part-time job and full-time motherhood it was impossible to fit it back in to her schedule. She greatly missed… Read More

Tomas Rodriguez