An Intimate Concert

Coming out of a recording session on a freezing day in December I received a call from a number from Idaho. The excited voice of the woman on the other end told me she had finally tracked me down after hearing my first CD Guitar of My Soul at a friend’s home two weeks ago. She wanted to buy several copies but found they were not available on-line. She asked if she could buy the CD from me directly. When I told her that I was planning to be in Idaho and that I would bring her the CD’s, she was thrilled. She gave me her address and we said good bye. My phone rang again about 20 minutes later, she called and said: “we are going to organize a concert for you, this is an opportunity to do something special”. Ten days later, I sat before a group of 60 people in a historical landmark home in Boise, Idaho and played a small concert to some of the town’s most ardent supporters of music. It was a setting that evoked a salon concert in Paris of the 1860s – an ideal stage for the sensitive and lyrical voice of the guitar.

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Tomas Rodriguez