Sophisticated & Elegant

tomas-rodriguez-elegant-252x300I was contacted by a restaurant manager who had been referred to me by a contact at the St. Regis Hotel. Gérard had impeccable taste, style and professionalism. He told me “I need music that is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant for our dining room. I want to do something special that is going to make people want to come here and distinguish us from other places”. On Sunday brunch I came in a tuxedo and played Bach, then on Thursday and Saturday nights, I came in hipster garb and played everything from Jobim, Paco de Lucia to Jimi Hendrix. Huey Lewis and The News dropped in one night after their concert and stayed for two hours applauding and asking for more Beatles tunes. After several months we had developed a regular clientele who came for the whole dining experience. Gérard had a vision for the space that he was committed to building and his training and experience in the top hotels of Europe gave him the confidence to move forward in the face of his managers’ pressures to fill the space with four wide screen televisions. Gérard knew that it would take time to build the vision and the value but that the payoff would come. After several months we were drawing a sophisticated and regular clientele who came specifically to enjoy high level dining with the accompaniment of the guitar.

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Tomas Rodriguez