Inspiring Students

The family of one of my young students referred one of their neighbors to me. Jana was a mother with two young children. Shortly before she had her first child, she had enjoyed taking a beginning guitar group class. She had a lot of fun with the class but with the demands of a part-time job and full-time motherhood it was impossible to fit it back in to her schedule. She greatly missed playing the guitar, but she didn’t see how she could continue. She was discouraged because she didn’t want to be dropping all of her own interests for parenting as she saw many of her friends doing. When we talked about her beginning private classes with me, Jana was realistic in that she knew her time to practice was going to be very limited – but she was determined to have music in her life. She also wanted to be able to bring music to her children’s life – part of her vision was to sing them songs using the guitar. We began with songs that she felt passionate about – that she had a deep desire to learn. We found that her limited time could actually be an advantage for learning, in that she would have to choose a small specific fragment every week to master and then over time, put all of these small pieces together to play the song. After three months, she is loving the guitar more than ever and has progressed technically while learning two of her favorite songs.

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Tomas Rodriguez