Concert Programs

Tomas offers concert programs that are ideal for small and mid-size halls as well as settings such as colleges and universities, churches, libraries and private salons. Program length and repertoire is varied to suit different audiences and the specific needs of the presenting organization.

Tomas Rodriguez – Solo Guitar

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Tomas Rodriguez has developed a unique repertoire for solo guitar performance that is rooted in his ancestry and guided by the diverse styles of music that have inspired him. His programs draw on the folk music of Galicia, Spain, arrangements of the works Venezuelan harp masters Juan Vicente Torrealba and Ignacio Figueredo, interpretations of the compositions of Malian virtuosos Toumani Diabaté, and Ali Farka Touré as well as touching on contemporary flamenco. Rodriguez’ own compositions, emerging from these diverse musical inspirations, include original Brazilian choros, Venezuelan waltzes and flamenco granainas.

Tomas Rodriguez / Enrique Lopez Duo

Mining the depths of Venezuelan and Cuban folkloric music and infusing it with the shimmering language of bossa nova and the gritty force of flamenco, Rodriguez and Lopez have created an compelling mix of original compositions and arrangements unique to the guitar duo format. Using the unusual combination of flamenco and classical guitar as well as guitar and the Cuban tres (three string Cuban guitar) coupled with Latin percussion, they create rhythmic and harmonic textures both innovative and accessible. The duo’s repertoire includes original music composed by Lopez and Rodriguez as well as their re-workings of classic Cuban boleros from the ’40s and ’50s.

AFARA (with Kevin Nathaniel Hylton and Hasan Bakr)

AFARA is a boundary-breaking collaboration of Spanish guitar, Africa percussion and the African mbira that weaves a rich musical tapestry form inspiration drawn from the African and Spanish diasporas. In the trio, Tomas Rodriguez guitar teams up with two leading figures in African roots music in the U.S: percussionist/vocalist Hasan Bakr and mbira master Kevin Nathaniel Hylton,. The trio explores fascinating cross cultural currents between the Spanish guitar and the African mbira (thumb piano). By closely studying the harmonic and rhythmic language of the mbira, Rodriguez discovered that it was possible to adapt and sometimes recreate note for note the highly complex rhythmic language of the mbira on the guitar. Adapting the rhythmic, improvisational and compositional language of the mbira to the guitar, Rodriguez and Nathaniel Hylton began to discover unique ways of threading the two instruments together. The group accesses African-influenced minimalist structures as well as elements of African, Classical, Latin American music, flamenco guitar and Americana (Rhythm and Blues) to create a rich and multi-layered musical testimony.

Selected Performance Listing

  • Teatro ICPNA, Lima, Peru
  • University of Virginia, Richmond, VA
  • Mountain Empire State College, Wise, VA
  • Boise State University, Boise, ID
  • New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts (NJPAC), Newark, NJ
  • Merkin Hall, New York, NY
  • Trinity Church, New York, NY
  • The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
  • Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, Madison, NJ
  • Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY
Tomas Rodriguez